Thank you for your interest in JR Guide Service and welcome to our website. JR Guide Service was established in May of 2008 by Jeffrey A. Reese, Registered Maine Guide.  Jeff was born with a love for the outdoors and, most of his time growing up in southwest Michigan, was spent hunting, fishing and trapping.  During his career as a contractor, he had an opportunity to work in Wiscasset, Maine.
While working in Maine, Jeff had the opportunity to assist some of the local guides, it was a great way to get into the woods and the guides welcomed the free help.  This planted the seed for JR Guide Service.  Though Jeff has lived in New Hampshire for the past fourteen years, him and his family have been hunting, fishing and exploring the State of Maine.  There are great areas everywhere in Maine and New Hampshire, but it was the challenging terrain and dramatic natural beauty of Jackman, Maine that made Jeff decide, this would be the home of JR Guide Service.
We are a small operation by choice and usually limit our groups to 6 to 8 hunters.  We welcome parents who want to teach their children safe, ethical hunting and about the great outdoors and we encourage first time hunters.  We believe in the time honored tradition of hunting and in keeping this tradition alive for future generations.  This, plus our knowledge and love of the outdoors is the key to our success as guides.  Let us give you the opportunity of a lifetime to experience the thrill of hunting and fishing in the Jackman, Maine area.
Jeff is very knowledgeable of the area and the animals that live in its forests and streams.  Knowing the behavior of key game species - bear, deer, moose, turkey and  coyote gives him the ability to distinguish what areas are prime hunting grounds.  In 2009, Jeff’s wife Elaine completed the requirements and successfully tested to become a Registered Maine Guide.  Couple this with our access to remote hunting areas and JR Guide Service’s two person operation challenges the success rate of the big outfitters.
Our professional associations include the Professional Maine Guide’s Association, Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (S.A.M.), the NRA and the North American Hunting Club.
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